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Am I Pregnant?

Below are common questions you may have to determine if you are pregnant or not.
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Home Pregnancy Tests

Watch the below video to learn about home pregnancy tests and the free options provided by PDHC and our caring staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot on your mind. On this page, we do our best to answer some common questions you may have. If your question is not answered on this page, get in touch, we’re here to help.

What if I Have Pregnancy Symptoms?

Pregnancy symptoms can be confusing because they can also be symptoms of other conditions. Many women wonder if they are imagining symptoms in hopes or fear of being pregnant. So, detecting the early signs of pregnancy without a test can be tricky.

You could also be pregnant even if you used contraception. No form of contraception offers a 100% guarantee. If you’re worried about being pregnant, the best thing to do is to take a pregnancy test.

How Can I Know if the Pregnancy Test is Right?
Having a positive pregnancy test indicates pregnancy but only a doctor can diagnose pregnancy.  PDHC can provide you with an initial or verifying pregnancy test if you are unsure about a home pregnancy test result. We can also talk with you about our ultrasound services.​
You can speak with a consultant and schedule an appointment for a free pregnancy test by calling or texting Pregnancy Decision Health Centers at 614-444-4411.
What Does an Ultrasound Do?
  • Checks to see if there are a fetus and a heartbeat
  • Tells you how far along you are
  • Checks for twins
  • Looks to see if there are signs of miscarriage or tubal pregnancy​
Where Can I Get an Ultrasound?

At PDHC, an ultrasound may be offered to you after a confirming pregnancy test and consultation. Ultrasounds are provided by a nurse and reviewed by a doctor. The nurses and trained specialists can answer many questions you might have about your pregnancy and the options available to you. Schedule an appointment with one of our nurses to confirm your pregnancy.

What are Common Pregnancy Symptoms?

Some common pregnancy symptoms or signs of pregnancy are:

  • Missed or irregular period
  • Nausea, vomiting, “morning sickness”
  • Frequent urination
  • Sore breasts
  • Tired
  • Weight gain
  • Moodiness
What if My Test is Positive?

If you’ve taken a test at home and received a positive result, we can administer a free, confirming test at our clinic.  We know a lot of emotions come along with a positive test, and we are ready to provide you with support, information, and resources. Your results, as well as anything you discuss with our team, are completely confidential. We offer a safe space, with no judgment.

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Our Ultrasound Services

Our nurses are trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound. We can offer an initial ultrasound to look for three things: To make sure pregnancy is in the uterus, to look for viability with a heartbeat, and to compare measurements with your last menstrual period dates.

We will make sure you are completely comfortable during the exam, and you can expect no pain or discomfort during a typical ultrasound exam. You will be able to see the images on the monitor during the exam. Our services are free of charge and kept confidential.