she’s pregnant.



support for men

why is fatherhood so important?

As you may have noticed, either from looking back at your own childhood or at our culture, America is suffering from a lack of real men and fathers. Although we cannot change our past, we do have a say in our futures and the futures of our children.

feelings about fatherhood

When you found out you were going to be a father, you can have so many different feelings, ranging from shocked, worried, to excited or happy.  If you are having difficulty dealing with you feelings of finding out you are going to be a father, talk with the mother, because she may be feeling the same things.  You are not alone, and there are a lot of resources available to help you become a great father.

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how can I help?

Communicate with the future mother of your child her about her feelings and fears – she may be having some of the same thoughts as you. Give her a chance to let you know how she’s feeling and spend time listening to what she has to say.

Be sensitive to her physical condition and emotional needs by understanding that she may be moody or physically uncomfortable at times.

Make it clear that you are in this together. Let her know that you want to be as involved in the pregnancy as possible. If she has not already done so, go with her to talk to her family. It may also be helpful for you to go with her to her medical appointments.

Attend childbirth and parenting classes.

Plan ahead by thinking about the financial needs of raising a child.