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pregnancy testing

Experiencing pregnancy symptoms, such as a missed period, doesn’t necessarily mean you are pregnant. PDHC provides pregnancy testing at no cost to you.  Make an appointment, find out.


A limited ultrasound can help determine what options are available to you by determining how far along you are and the viability of your pregnancy.  Call for more information or to talk with someone who can help. 



The staff at PDHC will take the time to listen to you, provide factual information regarding abortion procedures and the risks, as well as other options for your pregnancy that are available to you.  

community resources

PDHC works with a variety of community partners.  We can help you get connected to prenatal care and more.

extended care

PDHC is committed to providing you with support during pregnancy and beyond.  We offer parenting classes for expecting moms and dads through the first year of your baby’s life.  Contact our staff for more details.

post-abortion healing

PDHC provides a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental place where you talk to someone who can say “me too”.  Often women hurt after abortion. It helps to talk to another woman who has been where you are. Call or text 614-721-2100 or visit us at